The Ultimate Fisherman's Diary©


As seen on TV, The Ultimate Fisherman’s Diary© is a popular and unique FISHERMAN'S program designed with all fishing enthusiasts in mind.Main Page Utilizing user-friendly "Visual Information Screens", UFD enables fishermen to easily maintain a complete history of all their fishing adventures.  Best of all, UFD can search through the more than 40 different "information fields", (the types of fish you caught; baits & lures used; water/tide & weather conditions; the month, day or year of your trips; location; success ratings; latitude & longitude; plus lots more!), in each of your fishing trips and display all the matches to your inquiries!  And better yet, UFD will search for any COMBINATIONS of the categories... giving you thousands of possibilities!

With UFD, you'll quickly realize it’s tremendous value in improving the success of your future fishing trips… in the way it collects and presents your important historical fishing data… and will also provide you with hours of fun and enjoyment.  No Longer will you need to keep those paper notes, (which usually got lost anyway), about that SPECIAL day you had with your friends when you caught Add PageThe BIG ONE, what you used for bait that day, who was there, or exactly how many fish you caught.  Going fishing on a particular day next week?  In just a few clicks of your mouse, you will be able to check your past fishing information and see exactly what worked, what didn’t, the same time last year… or any other year!

And There's More

Fully packed with UFD's own Intergrated Internet Browser & Bookmark Files; Unique Waypoint Log... with latitude, longitude, location and comments sections; a comprehensive Moon Calculation Program to help you determine the most productive fishing dates & times; and a Picture Storing Capability for each trip, UFD is...

The Essential Tool For Every Serious Fisherman!

System Requirements

10 MB Hard Disk Storage