The Ultimate Fisherman's Diary

Submitted Fishing Pictures

Recent Long Island Stripers

Great Striper John!

40# - Way To Go Rich!!

A Beauty, Billy!

Great Striper Billy!

Long Island Stripers
Some More of Our Past Fish!!!

Way To Go Dan - 42" 25#

Next Time Billy!

Good Day Rich!

Thanks For A Great Day, Capt. John!

Long Island Stripers
Our Fish for 2006 - 2010!!!

Way To Go Bob And John!


Long Island Stripers
More Fish Pictures

Way To Go Rich!

Way To Go John!

Way To Go Fred!

Long Island Stripers
May 2006!!!

Way To Go Eric!

Dan & Eric Are HAPPY!!!

Great Filleting Job, Josh!

Chef Josh Serving It Up!

Long Island Stripers
Way To Go Charlie!!
Charlie & John

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